The Top 3 Certifications Needed By Computer Forensics this 2016


A good sign of qualified computer forensics are the certifications and exams that he or she has completed. It’s a proof how good and updated they are in regards to the latest tools that are used and the regulations that always change. If you are looking for a computer forensic and they presented some certifications, the things that you should look for are the latest certifications needed by every computer forensic this year.

1. Certified Computer Examiner or CCE

It’s the most recognized credential of a computer forensic. If they are a CCE, even law enforcement authorities acknowledge it. The exam is in two parts. One which is written in a multiple choice type of exam and the other half is a practical exam where there will be a problem that needs to be solved by the computer forensic. You should be able to get at least 70 to pass.

2. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator V8 or CHFI

It’s a certification conducted by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants. The primary focus of this certification is about the tools used by the computer forensics as well as the different techniques applied when solving issues. There is a way to bypass the five days duration of this certification. You can challenge the exam if you have an experience with information security for at least two years. Also, you will need to pay $100 eligibility fee which is not refundable.

3. Certified Forensic Computer Examiner or CFCE

The CFCE is implemented by The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists. It’s not easy to get the membership for this certification. It’s either you are part of law enforcement or retired to be eligible for the certification. It’s a two-step test which is the peer review and the certification test proper.

If the computer forensic you’re trying to hire is equipped with these three credentials, then I bet he or she is qualified for the job. These certifications are not easy to get after all.


4 Effective Ways To Prevent Data Breach


If you own a company the most dreaded situation you can ever be is if there will be any breach of data that can ruin everything that you’ve worked for in your entire life. No one wants that to happen. That is the reason why prevention is always the top choice. The confidential information that may be connected to crucial transactions and financial records are to be kept a secret at all times. Online security is not enough for you to be complacent that your data is safe. Here are some useful ways on how you can prevent a data breach in your territory.

1. Provide training


A regular training based on the data protection is required to keep everyone in the loop regarding the safety protocols that the company implements. Through continuous training, we can prevent mistakes that can lead to a breach.

2. Encryption


Encryption should be enforced to all employees to ensure that even laptops that can be used anywhere remain protected. With the help of the encryptions, we can avoid unwanted data acquirement.

3. Detection and Prevention


Screening tools should be installed to monitor irregular usage of things that can be accessed through the web. There are a lot of stuff that people use with the help of the internet and monitoring just one particular application won’t do the job.

4. Filter Contents


Computer systems should have a restriction based on the sites that can be accessed by the employees. We know that there may be some idle time where the people use it to check other things out online. If there is a restriction to the sites, these websites can’t go through the system and penetrate the vulnerable areas of the system.

Creating plans that can prevent a data breach is easy, but for it to be successful, there should be a robust implementation to enforce what needs to be done.


4 Things To Look For When Hiring A Computer Forensic Firm


It’s not easy to find a reliable and competent computer forensic firm. We have to consider that they will have access to confidential information that can ruin a corporation if not handled correctly. The question is how do we find a qualified company to manage computer analysis for us? Here are some things that we should look for when hiring a computer forensic firm that we can trust.

1. Fees and Arrangements

Before you sign up with any computer forensic company, they should be presenting you a proposal and a contract. Firms that don’t have these beforehand are suspicious enough. Make sure to check the agreements and have it verified by your legal counsel to be on the safe side.

2. Experience

It is essential that they can provide you the list of their experiences as well as affiliations. You need to consider a company that knows their way around through the rules and regulation of law enforcement to make sure that it won’t cause any problem.

3. Insurance

Check for their insurance. All computer forensic firms should have general liability insurance. They should have a copy of the insurance certificate that they can present to you. What you need to look for is if the insurance coverage is per occurrence and not based on the claims made.

4. License

If the computer forensic company cannot provide a certificate of their license, it’s a firm that you should stay away from. We cannot put our trust to people who is not even regulated and certified to do the job. It’s important so you would know that the transaction is legit.

Make sure that you verify all these four things before you hire someone to look into your important files. The companies who are qualified should have no problem producing this information for you.

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