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 Thursday, May 08, 2003

Where is RSSBayes?

SpamBayes doesn't know any of these rules. It just knows what I want to see, and what I don't want to see. It knows because I show it a bunch of positive and negative examples up front, and then refine its understanding of my wishes continuously as I process my (surprisingly few) MaybeSpam messages. [Jon's Radio]

I've never gotten much spam. I closely guard the email addresses I care about. Spamex makes it simple but I did it before without Spamex. My problem is information overload. I'm much more interested in seeing the same thing for RSS. Instead of blocking stuff I don't want I want it to highlight the stuff I might want.

I've been out of the loop lately because I can't keep up with all of the feeds I would like to monitor. I need help.

6:39:20 PM