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 Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Joe seems interested in my idea so I played with Visual Studio’s Add Web Reference wizard to see how it handles link elements. It looks like it just looks at the first "alternate" link with type='text/xml'. This could be a problem for sites that want to link to both types of documents.

I think this is just a limitation in the VS/WSDL.exe implementation because it looks like it should be legal to point to two alternate documents.

I wonder if Keith knows...

11:51:25 PM    

Sam liked Spirit.

I watched  last weekend. It looks like a great movie.

9:30:57 PM    

Do any RSS aggregators use the HTML LINK Element?

Aggie could use something like <link type=’text/xml’ rel=’alternate’ href=’’ /> to find my RSS feed automatically the same way VS.NET uses the “link” element to find Disco files.

Any reason why aggregators shouldn’t do this?

1:45:42 PM    

Les is working on a new and improved linkback system for 0xDECAFBAD.

I’ll have more to say on that subject when I have more time.

1:23:30 PM    

Happy Birthday Joe! 8:18:17 AM