Matt Friffith is business firm that can provide a wide array of services to different clients based on what they need. If you get the services of our company, you are entitled to get the highest quality of work based on our expertise. Check out the services we offer and get to know what we can do for you or your company.

Cyber Investigation

We are in the era of computers. There has been a lot of cybercrimes going around that takes advantage of the people. We use our expertise to investigate crimes that happened through the internet using the brain of our highly skilled cyber forensic investigators.

Computer Forensics Report

Once we completed an investigation, the company will generate a full report detailing all things that have been uncovered. The reports we produce are valid and available for affidavit filing.

Electronically Stored Information Preservation

We understand that there are confidential files that are stored electronically. We help out on its preservation to make sure that all information is secured.

Computer Forensics Witness and Testimonies

After a thorough investigation, we also help on presenting the proofs in court whether it’s a Federal, State or County Court as a forensic witness for any crime committed.

There are a lot of things that Matt Friffith can offer. Just give us a call if you have some questions regarding our services.