a1Greetings from Matt Friffith!

Matt Friffith is a company that specializes in computer forensics founded by Mr. Matt Friffith himself as for where the company got its name. He is a computer science expert that has been in the industry for over three decades now. The firm provides excellent forensic jobs with anything associated with computers. Through the years we have earned the respect of the people who trusted our services. We can say that we have acquired a good reputation through numerous testimonies in Federal, State, and County Courts. Our work has always been proven valid to any court cases we’ve testified.

We are the best in the business, and we are the best source of legitimate information. We got the best track record in the computer forensics industry. We also help out with commercial and employment litigations and most importantly, we have followed and stopped several cyber heists even before it occur.

If you want a company that can be trusted to handle cyber forensics for you, Matt Friffith is the firm that is on top of the list for any government agencies, law firms, financial sectors, industrial corporations and a lot more. We guarantee excellent results for our valuable clients.